Limited Edition Amethyst Angels Deluxe Candle

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This is a glorious addition to our Amethyst Angels aromatherapy crystal candles.

A large glass rose gold jar filled with 330g of beautifully scented soya wax

These beautiful chunky glass jar candles are designed to fill your home with amazing aromatherapy scent, whilst surrounding you with healing energy that constantly pours from the crystal as it bathes in the melted wax.
Burn anywhere in your home or work space that would love to be soothed and scented.

• Natural wax
• Pure essential oils
• Healing crystals and botanicals

I make every one of these gorgeous candles and fill them with love.

A soothing luxury healing candle filled with Lavender, Marjoram, Ylang ylang and other secret pure essential oils delicately blended to surround you with relaxing calming scents with a Amethyst hidden gem to fill you with angelic energy.

Over 50 hours burn time.