Aloe Vera Juice

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Aloe Vera has been used for centuries. Even the Egyptians described it as the “plant of immortality”! Aloe is still popular today for both internal and external use. Aloe Vera whole leaf juice can be used topically applying to the skin using a clean flannel or cotton pads, or taken for internal use (10-50ml daily) as a drink on its own or mixed with water or fresh juice.

Nutrigold’s Aloe Vera whole leaf juice undergoes careful processing to ensure that the bioactive phytonutrients (including polysaccharides and polyphenols, vitamins and minerals) are maintained to the highest levels and in bioactive forms that can be utilised by the body.


Nutrigold’s Aloe Vera product has a traceable “field-to-drum” story that means this premium whole leaf Aloe vera juice confers a number of advantages:

  • The outer leaves of organically grown Aloe barbadensis plants are harvested by hand to prevent contamination of the Aloe leaf contents and preserve the inner gel, as well as allow continued growth of the mother plant.

  • Careful de-pulping and cold filtration processes extracts the whole leaf Aloe juice and all its bioactive phytonutrients whilst removing the impurities, fibre and unwanted aloin latex fraction. Products that use just the inner leaf will not contain some of the important phytonutrients that are found in the outer aloe leaves.

  • The concentration of the bioactive polysaccharides in the whole leaf juice (through the patented Modified Aloe Polysaccharide process) produces some of the most concentrated and bioactive whole leaf Aloe Vera juice on the market! Nutrigold’s Aloe Vera juice contains a minimum of 8% bioactive polysaccharides, compared to 0.5-1% found in many other aloe juice products. This means that the concentrated polysaccharide fraction found in Nutrigold’s Aloe Vera whole leaf juice has at least 16 times more active ingredients.

  • Minimal preservatives are used (required by law) to maintain the freshness of the whole leaf juice.

  • Many Aloe Vera juices are made from concentrates or freeze dried aloe powder reconstituted and diluted with water, sweeteners and artificial preservatives. Nutrigold’s Aloe Vera whole leaf juice is as nature intended, obtained directly from the aloe plant containing at least 16 times more bioactive phytonutrients compared to other aloe vera juice products.