Argan Oil (100ml)

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KOBASHI ARGAN OIL 100% Pure Organically grown;

LATIN NAME: Argan spinosa
SOURCE: Cold pressed kernels
COLOUR: clear amber (can be cloudy: waxes will solidify in cooler conditions.)
ORIGIN: Morocco
AROMA: slight (Not Roasted or toasted.)

Good for cosmetic use, as it doesn't have a strong aroma or dark colour.

By purchasing Argan oil you are helping to protect the trees, that would otherwise be chopped down.

Not Roasted or toasted. Roasted would have a nutty walnut taste and darker colour. The kernels are stone wheel crushed and cold pressed. We purchase the oil with an organically grown symbol on it, from a reputable supplier, who helped set up the cooperative.

Ideal in after sun products and those for mature or damaged skin.