Brain Gains Switch Off Black Edition v2.0

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Switch off is formulated to help your body to refuel and repair while you sleep. It’s completely sedative free, and contains ZMA, SerinAid and KSM-66 Ashwagandha.

Use hand in hand with Switch On, to bring you focus, energy and mental agility throughout the day, then use Switch Off 30 minutes before bedtime to power down and give your body the best chance to fully recover while you sleep.

Switch Off is formulated to keep you calm, reduce stress, while improving the quality of your sleep. So if you’re struggling to switch off at night, this could be exactly what you need!

Black Edition includes all the ingredients from the original, with added 5-HTP (to boost serotonin levels), Magnolia Officinalis (an antioxidant ingredient) and Melissa Officinalis (to reduce stress and improve sleep).