Neroli Eye Serum (30ml)

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AROMA: Neroli light floral

INGREDIENTS: Organic Whole leaf Aloe Gel (Aloe barbadensis) see Kobashi Aloe Vera Gel, Neroli Hydrolat (Citrus aurantium amara), Cerified Organic Rosehip seed oil (Rosa rubiginosa)

Formulated for use around the delicate eye area.

Spray onto fingers and gently apply around eyes. (not in eyes)

Regenerative, Soothing and Re hydrating, while gently firming

The healing properties of Aloe Vera are numerous and well known. Helps to soothe and repair skin.

Hydrolats are the product of the distillation of essential oils, they are valuable therapeutic products in their own right they contain some of the water soluble properties of the plant.

Rose hip Seed Oil is renowned for its outstanding skin regeneration properties and for toning down scar tissue. The oil obtained from the seeds has a high content of non-saturated fatty acids, like oleic, linoleic and linolenic acid.