Magnesium Citrizorb (120 caps)

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Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body and is vital for many different and diverse metabolic, physiological and psychological functions including production of energy (ATP), muscle function including heart and cardiovascular health, and bone health. It is now widely recognised across health professions that magnesium levels are low across the UK population, as foods that we eat generally do not contain enough magnesium for our health due to several factors, but primarily because the soil contains low levels of this vital mineral. When the body isn’t getting sufficient amounts of magnesium energy levels, mood, hormones, sleep and performance can all be affected. A recent study suggested that subclinical magnesium deficiency is the principal driver of cardiovascular disease and amounted to a public health crisis. Magnesium food supplements can support many areas of health including reducing fatigue but the form of magnesium is important for absorption through the digestive tract and ability to be utilised by the cell (bioavailability). For this reason, we use the organic citrate form of magnesium (and other minerals), which has been shown to better absorbed and more bioavailable compared to non-organic forms like magnesium oxide.