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Bravo Yoghurt

Bravo Yoghurt

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Active yoghurt ferment powder for the preparation of probiotic BRAVO yoghurt

Game changer for your intestinal flora and microbiome

Ready BRAVO yoghurt provides natural, immune-stimulating antibodies from colostrum as well as more than 100 probiotic strains that are created in the fermentation process.

13 sachets of colostrum-yoghurt culture mix (28.3 g) / total 368 g (pack for 3 month)


ActiveBRAVO probiotic – Ferment powder with colostrum and active probiotic cultures in a prebiotic matrix

ActiveBRAVO is a fermentation powder for the preparation of BRAVO yoghurt, which is superior to other fermentation products due to its valuable ingredients.

The preparation of BRAVO yogurt in your kitchen is easy. In addition to the ActiveB®AVO mix of colostrum and yoghurt cultures, you only need 1 liter of milk and usual kitchen utensils.

BRAVO yoghurt supports:

  • the normalisation of the natural human microbiome, which has many important functions in the organism, above all a healthy digestion and the maintenance of our immune defence
  • the biodiversity of the physiological intestinal flora: the fermentation process produces more than 100 probiotic strains – some of which produce the enzymes ß-galactosidase and sialidase, which are so important for the body’s own macrophage activation (GcMAF)
  • the supply of natural immunostimulating antibodies from colostrum

Recommended intake of BRAVO yoghurt:

  • Adults: 140 ml daily
  • Children: daily amount analogous to body weight
  • Consume after or together with a high-fibre meal (e. g. stir in ColoSTABIL®).
  • Stir well before drinking or eating.
  • Do not add any sugar or artificial sweeteners. Also avoid products that contain them (drinks, food), as the effect of the yoghurt in the intestine is impaired. Artificial sweeteners can inactivate beneficial bacteria and microorganisms.

BRAVO yoghurt is good for:

dr.reinwald vital Produkte - gut für den Darm intestine
dr.reinwald vital - gut fürs Immunsystem immune system

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