Collection: Freja (formerly Take Stock)

Fed up with the amount of ultra-processed ‘health’ foods on supermarket shelves, and frustrated with the lack of delicious, nutritious fast food to feed our family of six, we wanted a genuinely healthy alternative we could make into dinner in minutes. Something delicious, with no additives, and that’s cupboard-friendly and sustainable too.

Enter bone broth

Could we recreate the slowly simmered bone broths of our childhoods as a delicious store-cupboard staple? We decided to create one, armed with an ambitious list of non-negotiables: long shelf-life, 100% natural ingredients and high animal-welfare standards. It had to be delicious and nutrient-packed, too. Our quest for the ultimate bone broth took us to Norway where we found our perfect production partners, and Freja was born!

Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster. Our bone broths have won many awards and had incredible feedback from customers, nutritionists and even a few celebs. Our small team has big plans. With our award-winning, cupboard-friendly broths, we’re here to make bone broth a household staple again – just like it used to be.

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