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Organic Cacao 100g

Organic Cacao 100g

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Our Peruvian cacao is cultivated by small farmer co-operatives. The Criolla variety is considered to be “the king of cacao” because it is the most ancient - it is not a hybrid - and produces high quality beans of fine flavours and aromas constituting an important percentage in the production of fine chocolate. Minimum possible processing is used with this bean, applying low fermentation and low temperature without roasting, by means of unique methods to maintain its natural purity and quality.

A great substitute for coffee with naturally derived caffeine, this magical plant medicine has many emotional and health benefits such as:

  • gently opening the heart
  • promoting relaxation
  • mood boosting
  • improving cognitive function
  • promoting healthy energy levels
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • boosting the immune system
  • cardiovascular support
  • supporting gut health
  • improving sleep quality

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